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The Horrors of Seduction

This is D.C. back to catch up with my throwdowns (life). But first, let me make an announcement:

This blog by Kay and me was always supposed to be about fiction in general. Kay has an education in film and media studies, while my love has been geared towards comic books. Regardless of that, our blog was always meant to be not just about comics–as it’s mostly been–but also about any kind of medium or fictional work.

To that end, I’m writing about this bit of craziness:


Seduction is a manhwa–think Korean comic book–by Yang San Park and Lee Hwa.

The story sums up as this: a family of three is torn asunder in so many ways. We get a look at why a married couple’s relationship is cracking. We also see how the brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who has loved her brother-in-law since she was a child, feel about one another. We also look at the motivations and behavior of all three characters (so far), and what they are trying to preserve.

And how it goes completely wrong.



I’ll say one thing about Seduction. It is horrendously realistic and brutal, even with its stereotypically over-melodramatic Korean flare…I say that as a lover of K-dramas, haha.

You’ll feel a multitude of things when reading it. You’ll feel rage at one character, and then feel sympathy and even a sense of relation to that same character once you read his or her backstory. You will get angry at many characters for the choices they make while thinking, “Why doesn’t [x] just leave [y]?! Fuck [y]!!!” But then you have to sit and think about the realism of Seduction and how there ARE people who can’t cope with the difficulties of relationships, with infidelity, and with the hell that envelopes their lives…or the hell they pursue.


Why did the man, Chun Chan-Sik marry his wife? How has his wife, Jung Yoo-Mi, felt up to this point? Why did she even date Chan-Sik in the first place? Does Yoo-Mi even have feelings? How has Yoo-Mi’s younger sister, Sae-Mi, felt about both her sister and Chan-Sik?

These three have built up over a decade of life together, with all kinds of underlying issues and repressed emotions and behavior that we all have. How do these three act out their insecurities, their anger, their sadness and joy? Who’s in the wrong here? Who’s in the right? Is anyone right or wrong in this?

If you think think someone is completely at fault or completely right or wrong, then you have lived an incredibly charmed, naive, or idealistic life.


A glimpse into Yoo-Mi’s background…

Seduction is horrifyingly and unapologetically realistic. It is certainly too graphic and realistic for the lowest common denominator or “common” reader that looks only for escapism.

I think there is a staggering amount of character development in Seduction. Depending on the life you’ve had, it’s hard to like any of these characters, or it’s hard to hate them. In my view, no one here is forgivable, but neither is anyone malicious (minus a man who want targets Yoo-Mi for sex).


Either way, you can’t deny the torment everyone feels at their lives. It’s something we’ve seen in at least one person in our lives, from people who continue to dig themselves into holes of despair in lieu of facing their torment head-on.

If you end up feeling uncomfortable, sad, or angry, then I think Seduction served its purpose.