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Your Lie in April

“We all need someone to kiss us goodbye.”

Hey, all. D.C. here for a throwdown, not on a comic, but on an anime.

My love affair with anime and manga has been a very long one, though not as long as my affair with comics. However, this anime caught my eye:

Your Lie in April is a series created by Naoshi Arakawa. Originally published as a manga in 2011, the anime series ran last March. Your Lie in April is the story of a famous young pianist named Kosei Arima who, while living a gray life, finds his existence once again colored when he meets a young violinist named Kaori Miyazono.


Confession: I don’t enjoy romance, but I LOVE Japanese and Korean romance stories. I don’t know why, because they’re often too melodramatic, but I can’t help it. So it’s not a surprise that Your Lie in April captivated me.

The gripping story between Kosei and Kaori is only one small aspect of this anime’s charm. A great deal of of the anime developed not only Kaori and Kousei’s relationship–which appears initially platonic–but also Kousei’s struggle to understand himself, and to reconcile his present with his past. Many questions are addressed: Why did Kousei quit the piano? How did Kousei feel about his mother before and after her death? How did his mother feel about Kousei?

The soundtrack is beautiful, vibrant and inspirational; easily one of the biggest charms of this series. I can’t remember the last time I fell in love with music like this (having grown up playing several instruments). Throughout Your Lie in April, music means different things to the cast: a sense of release, a matter of course, an opponent, a friend, a battleground, communication…You peer into many of the characters’ psychology by this alone.


The series as a whole is a visual delight. There is undeniable beauty during the musical competitions, and there is plenty comedy between the four main characters. The shifts between ethereal, raucous, light-hearted, silly and somber makes this such a pleasant watch.

With a story like this, you will find your typical elements: friends who set up friends, friends falling for their childhood friends, a tragic romance. All typical and cheesy, yes, but this with its own endearing feel when looked at in its entirety.

And the ending? If you have a soul, you will certainly feel something. If not the ending, then how Kousei and Kaori’s struggle with themselves to the end, what the “lie in April” was, the final piece Kousei plays…each of these are powerful and entrancing.


Okay, enough rambling.

Your Lie in April. Even if you’re not an anime fan, a series with this much feeling, such potent repertoire of music that fits in every moment, desire, and even disappointment deserves everyone’s attention.