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Call me by your name

Hello, all my fellow readers, I know it’s been forever since I posted anything. Let’s just say it’s been a rough long year. One my goals this year is to be much better on sharing my thought with you lovely folks anything to a book, show or a movie I’ve seen. Recently I just saw a movie that’s based off a book, that I will now have to read. It was called, “Call me by your name” a book by the same name. When I do read it of course I may post on my findings on what’s different between the two.

The story was about love the kind that you don’t think that exist anymore. It was pure and full of heart, but like all things it was temporary, but it didn’t mean that love that was there wouldn’t last for a lifetime. In the summer of 1983 the 17-year-old Elio is spending his days with this family at their beautiful historian villa in Italy. Elio soon meets Oliver, a good looking doctoral student who’s working as an intern for Elio’s father. In the mist of the summer, these two discover not only desire and passion but a love that would last a lifetime. This story is about growing and self-discovery along with the beauty of all that comes with it. But with all beautiful things, it must come to an end.

I was never one to believe in love at first site, but this story had so much more depth to it. It wasn’t just first glances. It was a fire that burned between them from the very beginning. Like something ignited in them that they both couldn’t quit make out. Fighting the urges, they tried to maintain a friendship, but it was within this friendship that really brought out what they meant to each other. This story made me believe that beauty is everywhere, but it just doesn’t come out of nowhere. It is created amongst ourselves.

This movie will make you laugh and cry. It will make you believe in things that you didn’t know was possible. This movie is a must see and I can’t wait to see how much more intense the book is.

Thank you all for listening to my review on something I thought was just gorgeous. Plus, if the story itself isn’t enough to get you hooked the scenery in this film will. This is Kay G, and thanks again.


Iron Fist…the living weapon

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Hello everyone this is Kay G. Today we will be discussing Netflix’s original Iron Fist. First of all, this series had a lot of bad mouthing. It had some of the worst reviews for Netflix show, especially a Marvel one. Most I didn’t bother to read most because I didn’t want it clouding my judgement on what I was watching. The few complaints I did read though seemed very off from what I was watching. I felt as though most of them stemmed from either not knowing much about Iron Fist origins and/or didn’t bother watching more than a few episodes. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, mine happens to be the show is definitely worth checking and worth the time.

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The main cast

I honestly liked the show, now I’ll be honest it was no Daredevil but that’s not a fair assessment. As a whole, Iron Fist’s character even in the comics was never the most popular and perhaps not the most interesting. This mostly has to do with the fact that he isn’t as a heroic icon and a popular Marvel character. Even despite not being the most popular character what I have read, I’ve also very much enjoyed. Iron Fist is the underdog character, this happens to be something I gravitate more towards in my stories. I like different and uniqueness, they’re only so many hero stories with same premise you can read over and over again. Plus his history and his background I’ve found most intriguing.

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The original origins of Daniel Rand are that he was the son of businessman Wendell Rand, who had once lived in the fabled city of K’un-Lun, which exists in another dimensional realm.  This fact stayed the same, what was different was the way his parents died and how it affected Danny’s way of coping with their death. In the show we see Danny more vulnerable than he is in the comics. The best way to describe the real Danny Rand is that he’s Marvels version of Batman. A young orphan who inherits lots money, a company, responsibility and will of vengeance for his parent’s death. So yes, reviews were right about one the thing, the origins of Iron’s Fist story was told differently like much cinematic events are.  But in this case I liked the change; I liked how they adapted the story to fit into the universe that Netflix was trying to create with these characters. They are making it work for the story that they are trying to tell.

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Another bad review was the fighting style. It’s something if only watch the first few episodes of you’ll agree that it isn’t great. Although as the episodes go on, the fighting style increases and so does the capability. Of course this is my own personal opinion, I thought the scenes were well choreographed and strategically done. Not to mention I thought some of them were fairly bad ass. Not to mention when the iron fist came alive…it was epic. Some reviews were about Finn Jones role as Iron Fist and how it wasn’t convincing. Jones might not have looked exactly like the “real” Danny Rand, but to me if was fairly close. Another dismissal I would like to say about the bad reviews was that there was no costume. First of all it’s an origin story so the costume would make no sense and outdated for the show they’re trying to create.

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Iron Fist had everything I look for in a good show. It had action, a little bit of comedy, some romance, some drama and overall it had heart. Every emotion was written in this show, it had a lot of compassion and good moments. I liked how confused and difficult Danny Rand’s life seemed. Rand had to experience deception and really understanding who he is and who Iron Fist is.  I think Finn Jones along with the rest of the cast did a fantastic job making Iron Fist come to life. Netflix has done a great job showcasing these underdog characters and making them great again and not forgotten. It has created new comics, some are good and some are not so much. Either way it’s a good start for anyone who wants to learn and know who Iron Fist is. I made sure to give nothing away, so all of you can watch and make your own assessments. I hope you all enjoy and be prepared to binge watch.

A year in the life…”Gilmore Girls”

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A year in the life of “Gilmore Girls” what can I say, it’s just a wonderful and witty as it used to be. It was a show I fell in love with years ago. So once I heard about the revival I was excitingly anticipating its arrival. When it premiered woke up super early coffee in hand (because as you know coffee and the Gilmore Girls goes hand in hand), and I stayed up super late the following night. The revival is broken into four parts; winter, spring, summer and fall. When finally clicking the start button on my Netflix, I became nervous and excited as to what was to come. It started with voice-overs of the past episodes that relived the whole series.

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It begins with winter; Star Hallows looks like we never left it, festive and full of snow. The girls are at their true nature, fast paste talking and their own secret language that only they understand. In between all the season’s we see the struggle the girls are going through. Mostly we see Rory lost, and wondering where her life is going after school and conquering what she set off to do. All the women seem to be going through change in their life. Despite all this there is still laughter and fun times. Luke and Lorelei are together (like they always should’ve been) and Rory with some random guy she can barely remember the name to. Yet, that’s not all who she’s been seeing. Back and forth to London, we see that she is “back” with Logan at least in a secret manner. Messing up not only her life with work, but also it looks like her love life. Logan was the one I never liked when she freed herself of him I thought it was the best decision. He wasn’t good for her life, her career or her future. To me this showed that there was a part of Rory that hadn’t grown up yet. Then there’s Emily, the loss of Richard is hard not only on the all the Gilmore girls, but the audience as well. Emily is struggling to find herself and just being Emily, and not Mrs. Richard Gilmore. This part of her story was rough and saddening to watch, but you see how much she grows as a person and it was great.

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We get to see all these wonderful characters show back up today, like Sookie, Paris, Zack, Lane, Jessie, Dean, Michelle, and so many more.  It was great to see them all again, it was almost like the show was never gone. There were a lot beautiful moments in this show, and I was so close to not crying at all then fall came and it all came out. The writing to this show was extraordinary, but despite how much I loved this it did have some things I wish that weren’t in it as well. Then there were the whole four words that blew my mind. Still not even sure what I feel about it.

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First of Lorelei and Luke are together, so of course that’s the best part of the show. Despite the parts that made me cry these were some of the best moments in the show. In fall is when it all the crying came crashing down. Lorelei left to do “Walk,” like the book she wanted to go hiking out in the wilderness in order to go find herself. Things with Luke and her weren’t going the way she planned. They weren’t married yet, they were lying to each other and even her relationship with Rory was on the rocks. So she left, packed her big back and was already to go on the adventure to figuring out her life. Then right when she was about to go, she couldn’t find her permit, they wouldn’t allow her to go. So frustrated she went out for coffee and nothing was open but she found this beautiful view were all her clarity came to her. Lorelei called Emily and told her what her favorite memory of her father was, and reconciled any problems she had with her mother. This was the first of some crying, but it really stared when she got back home.

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Luke was standing there listening to her talk and before she could finish he started it. Luke talks about how they were meant to be, how hard it was when they weren’t together and seeing her with other people. That he would do anything to be with her, he’d change he do whatever she asked because he loved her and refused to have his life without her. It was a beautiful speech, one I’m not sure I could ever replicate. Lorelei looks at him, and tells him that she wasn’t ever trying to leave him, that she booked a date and made plans and that a wedding was going to happen and it was already taken care of. The wedding was beautiful; they sneaked off the night before the date and got married. It was perfect for them and way over do.

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Another great moment was with Dean, Rory runs into him at the market. He looks handsome as ever. Rory tells him she’s going to write a book (advice she took from Jess) and ask if it was ok if he was in it. She told him that she would was going to write that he was the best first boyfriend a girl could hope for, the he made her feel safe and comfortable and so many more amazing things. It was a perfect moment for them. Then last but not the very least, when Jess looks at her. Luke asks him if he’s over her, and Jessie’s response is were just friends, but as he’s leaving he looks at her, it’s the way Luke use to look at Lorelei, with love and longing. It build up hope that maybe one day, the relationship that should have always happen may just have its chance. To me Jess was always the best person for Lorelei.

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To me there were a few issues with the revival. First off there was so many scene’s that didn’t make sense or just far too long. The play was one of them. They showed far too much of it. I felt like the idea of it was made present enough in the beginning and at the last number that convinced Lorelei that things needed to change with her life. The rest of it was all extra time that could have been spent on the characters; that’s really what the audience wanted to see. There were also some slow scenes that seemed to drag on, that points just weren’t being made. Yes, Rory was struggling to come to terms of who she was, but I felt like it was just more than it should have been. Plus the story with her and Logan didn’t make sense, it didn’t make sense back in older episodes and didn’t now.

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Even as sweet as it was when Logan came to get here with the life and death brigade, I even felt she was too old for it. It was sweet gesture and the scene ended very well, but I also didn’t find it necessary. Other than that some of the chemistry didn’t seem all there with the characters, but after so many years that was to seem expected.


Overall this revival was beautiful and worth checking out even the second time around. Even though the ending was left with shock in awe, it took me time to accept it. They always had to come around full circle. Jess is Luke and Logan is Christopher. Rory’s life will be as her mother’s was. Besides with that last look Jess gives Rory in the end, you know that there will always be hope.Image result for pictures from gilmore girl revival rory and jess

Because it always had to end, just like it began. It will make you laugh and make you cry. I felt like I was back in high school and grown up all at the same time while watching this. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, I defiantly recommended that all of you grab your coffee and snacks and check it out. This is Kay G. thanks for reading.

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Your Lie in April

“We all need someone to kiss us goodbye.”

Hey, all. D.C. here for a throwdown, not on a comic, but on an anime.

My love affair with anime and manga has been a very long one, though not as long as my affair with comics. However, this anime caught my eye:

Your Lie in April is a series created by Naoshi Arakawa. Originally published as a manga in 2011, the anime series ran last March. Your Lie in April is the story of a famous young pianist named Kosei Arima who, while living a gray life, finds his existence once again colored when he meets a young violinist named Kaori Miyazono.


Confession: I don’t enjoy romance, but I LOVE Japanese and Korean romance stories. I don’t know why, because they’re often too melodramatic, but I can’t help it. So it’s not a surprise that Your Lie in April captivated me.

The gripping story between Kosei and Kaori is only one small aspect of this anime’s charm. A great deal of of the anime developed not only Kaori and Kousei’s relationship–which appears initially platonic–but also Kousei’s struggle to understand himself, and to reconcile his present with his past. Many questions are addressed: Why did Kousei quit the piano? How did Kousei feel about his mother before and after her death? How did his mother feel about Kousei?

The soundtrack is beautiful, vibrant and inspirational; easily one of the biggest charms of this series. I can’t remember the last time I fell in love with music like this (having grown up playing several instruments). Throughout Your Lie in April, music means different things to the cast: a sense of release, a matter of course, an opponent, a friend, a battleground, communication…You peer into many of the characters’ psychology by this alone.


The series as a whole is a visual delight. There is undeniable beauty during the musical competitions, and there is plenty comedy between the four main characters. The shifts between ethereal, raucous, light-hearted, silly and somber makes this such a pleasant watch.

With a story like this, you will find your typical elements: friends who set up friends, friends falling for their childhood friends, a tragic romance. All typical and cheesy, yes, but this with its own endearing feel when looked at in its entirety.

And the ending? If you have a soul, you will certainly feel something. If not the ending, then how Kousei and Kaori’s struggle with themselves to the end, what the “lie in April” was, the final piece Kousei plays…each of these are powerful and entrancing.


Okay, enough rambling.

Your Lie in April. Even if you’re not an anime fan, a series with this much feeling, such potent repertoire of music that fits in every moment, desire, and even disappointment deserves everyone’s attention.


Civil War…”Whose side are you on?”

Hey everybody this is Kay G. coming at you.

So I finally got my hands on Civil War. It’s been on my list for a long time now and I finally read it. First of all it’s a much quicker read then I anticipated it to be, but then again there are many tie-ins to this story that I have not read yet.


Civil War by Mark Millar, by far exceeded my expectations. Civil War as we all know has been marketed like crazy because of the movie that is coming out, and any of you who are interested in reading it, it’s going to be well worth your time. Civil War tie-ins can also be found in and all over the bookstores right now. Because as always the marketing is so big for one of these movies, that you find it everywhere you turn. Now for those of you who may think, “oh I want to read this before the movie comes out” beware: This is not the movie. Civil war the comic and Civil war the movie will very much be separate. That all has to do with movie and character rights within production. Marvel as I’m sure most of you know is owned by Disney these are Avenger films that we’ve been seeing, and X-Men who are also Marvel, FOX  owns the right to those characters; hint can’t mix up the two. So that means that movie will not fall in line with the way the actual story plays out.

In Civil War, the U.S government passes a Superhero Registration Act that is designed to have the superheroes under official regulation, but not all agree to this law that’s about to be passed. The two against each other is none other than Captain America and Iron Man with poor Spider-Man caught right in the middle. Captain America believes in keeping his identity and others safe in what they do, secret identity and keeping their lives separated is very important to him. While on the other hand Iron Man, believes that the law should be passed and that they should be working with the government along with identities known and the public feeling more comfortable with who they are. The war becomes a conflict between freedom and security, the main theme of what Civil War is all about. Civil War is all about “whose side are you on?”

Civil War is good story that shows you what law and conflict can do, even to superhuman beings. This registration has two great iconic figures split right down the middle.  Iron Man (Tony Stark), pro-registration also had Mr. Fantastic and Hank Pym on his side arguing that changing the political map meant that resisting the law was pointless and it was reasonable for heroes to have proper training and oversight in what they were doing. Captain America (Steve Rogers), against the registration had Luke Cage and Falcon arguing that heroes required security in order to protect aspects of their lives outside of being a “hero”, such as their spouses and children.

Spider-man, who I said was caught in the middle made the decision to go along side Iron Man, a man he very much idealized. Peter Parker reveals his identity to the public but this decision soon falls out, when certain circumstances arise and a team member on Captain America’s side is killed. The death of this character brought the war to be more epic and more forceful then either of them could imagine. This moment brought together more heroes to Captain’s side and even Punisher joined his team.

Civil War is an iconic story, and I’m very interested on how they will take this story and represent it in the film. Characters will be different, some story lines I’m sure will be changed in order for it to fit the movie script. Overall, this is amazing read packed with emotion and action and real look into what order and chaos can do to these incredible super beings. I very much loved it, I know my partner D.C will recommend it as well (and yes he had read the tie-ins). This comic is gripping and there is never a dull moment in the reading, and is a great story that I’m looking forward to reading tie-ins to.

Also, if anyone is curious if I had to pick a side, I think it would be Captain America. I think his points are valid in wanting to protect their identity of who they are and protecting their families. Whose side are you on?

This is Kay G. over and out, thanks for reading and let me know who’s side you chose.

“Walking Dead”

Walking Dead Season 6

Hey everybody so this is Kay G. coming at you to share some of my thoughts for the day. So today I will be discussing an episode of the “Walking Dead”. While doing my laundry I got to play catch up with one of my favorite and most hottest series on television. Now those of you who read the comics know that creators of the show don’t follow it exactly and all together even change some things all around. Now its definitely on my list of what to read along with the pile of books and comics stacked next to me that’s taking over most of my floor. Today I’ll be talking about “The Next World” of the current episodes of the season.

“The Next World”

Now for starters on this episode…..let me just say “holy shit” not only did so much go down in the previous episode if any of you were like me you held your breath until Carl grabbed Rick’s hand. So it starts off with…well like a normal day…well as normal as you can when you have walkers outside your home. Everything seems fine there’s music playing, Michonne is sporting a robe and towel after a nice shower, Rick and Carl share a laugh…all seems good with the world. Daryl and Rick make a run, and in doing so find this massive truck worth of food, YES! their saved they no longer have to worry about starving….so it seemed. Here we meet Jesus…a well groomed man who tricks them, steals their keys and takes the truck for himself. And of course that doesn’t play well with Rick and Daryl. A character by the way in case you don’t know much about the actually in them.

After all these exchanges and punches and threats, the truck eventually runs into the lake and nobody gets the food. Now since this guy “saves” Daryl’s life, Rick decides to take him back to Alexandria after he’s been knocked out by the truck. Now obviously a lot more went down with this episode. We even saw Diane, which was so heartbreaking watching her son kill her. He’s been tracking her down feeling it was the right thing to do and Carl even led her to Michonne and him. I feel like overall this episode gave a sense of unity. That the community has now formed themselves with Ricks group as a family. A family that would battle and die together to protect one another. Gives us hope, that we’re going rebuild and make it.

But back to my holy shit moment from earlier…..Rick and Michonne! OMG!!

It was such a perfect moment they were talking about their day and Judith. He just hands her these mints to compromise the fact that he didn’t get her toothpaste and they have this moment and hold hands…and he just kisses her. Now I’ve had moments where I’ve jumped out of my seat excited but this was just such a beautiful moment, all I could think of was…yes of makes perfect sense. It was something that has been there all along. These two people who already love each other, she loves his kids, they’ve been through hell and back with each other..why not be together? Has to be one of my favorite moments on T.V with this show…and believe there’s a lot I like about this show. Now again those of you who read the comics know this doesn’t happen. But for those can appreciate both…man this so awesome and I hope for the best. Now since Ricks relationships don’t always pan out too well hopefully this one can be an exception.


But of course like all beautiful moments on the “Walking Dead” because lets face its a show about death and a world facing it; the blissful moment gets ruined….by Jesus.


And that is were this one leaves off. Great isn’t? True walking dead fashion. But see characters are perfect together. Well that’s all I have for you guys tonight. Look forward to sharing more with you.

Over and out.

Kay G.