Iron Fist…the living weapon

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Hello everyone this is Kay G. Today we will be discussing Netflix’s original Iron Fist. First of all, this series had a lot of bad mouthing. It had some of the worst reviews for Netflix show, especially a Marvel one. Most I didn’t bother to read most because I didn’t want it clouding my judgement on what I was watching. The few complaints I did read though seemed very off from what I was watching. I felt as though most of them stemmed from either not knowing much about Iron Fist origins and/or didn’t bother watching more than a few episodes. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, mine happens to be the show is definitely worth checking and worth the time.

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The main cast

I honestly liked the show, now I’ll be honest it was no Daredevil but that’s not a fair assessment. As a whole, Iron Fist’s character even in the comics was never the most popular and perhaps not the most interesting. This mostly has to do with the fact that he isn’t as a heroic icon and a popular Marvel character. Even despite not being the most popular character what I have read, I’ve also very much enjoyed. Iron Fist is the underdog character, this happens to be something I gravitate more towards in my stories. I like different and uniqueness, they’re only so many hero stories with same premise you can read over and over again. Plus his history and his background I’ve found most intriguing.

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The original origins of Daniel Rand are that he was the son of businessman Wendell Rand, who had once lived in the fabled city of K’un-Lun, which exists in another dimensional realm.  This fact stayed the same, what was different was the way his parents died and how it affected Danny’s way of coping with their death. In the show we see Danny more vulnerable than he is in the comics. The best way to describe the real Danny Rand is that he’s Marvels version of Batman. A young orphan who inherits lots money, a company, responsibility and will of vengeance for his parent’s death. So yes, reviews were right about one the thing, the origins of Iron’s Fist story was told differently like much cinematic events are.  But in this case I liked the change; I liked how they adapted the story to fit into the universe that Netflix was trying to create with these characters. They are making it work for the story that they are trying to tell.

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Another bad review was the fighting style. It’s something if only watch the first few episodes of you’ll agree that it isn’t great. Although as the episodes go on, the fighting style increases and so does the capability. Of course this is my own personal opinion, I thought the scenes were well choreographed and strategically done. Not to mention I thought some of them were fairly bad ass. Not to mention when the iron fist came alive…it was epic. Some reviews were about Finn Jones role as Iron Fist and how it wasn’t convincing. Jones might not have looked exactly like the “real” Danny Rand, but to me if was fairly close. Another dismissal I would like to say about the bad reviews was that there was no costume. First of all it’s an origin story so the costume would make no sense and outdated for the show they’re trying to create.

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Iron Fist had everything I look for in a good show. It had action, a little bit of comedy, some romance, some drama and overall it had heart. Every emotion was written in this show, it had a lot of compassion and good moments. I liked how confused and difficult Danny Rand’s life seemed. Rand had to experience deception and really understanding who he is and who Iron Fist is.  I think Finn Jones along with the rest of the cast did a fantastic job making Iron Fist come to life. Netflix has done a great job showcasing these underdog characters and making them great again and not forgotten. It has created new comics, some are good and some are not so much. Either way it’s a good start for anyone who wants to learn and know who Iron Fist is. I made sure to give nothing away, so all of you can watch and make your own assessments. I hope you all enjoy and be prepared to binge watch.


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