The Goddess of Thunder

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Hello everyone this is Kay G, today I’ll be discussing Thor: “The Goddess of Thunder.” Thor is a wonderful read of Jane Foster as the role of Thor. Foster has gotten a lot of bad here say of how she portrays the role of Thor, mostly because other people don’t like that a woman is Thor. I believe that Jason Aaron does a beautiful job showing Jane’s transformation along with Odin’s (original Thor) struggle with what he’s lost.

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What I liked most about Jane’s portrayal is how heroic she is. She jumps into this role that she didn’t ask for and completely takes charge all while her health is talking a major toll on her body. Foster in lack of better words, “completely kicks-ass” in all ways of being Thor. Odin really struggles in this story, and how he loses his worth and title of his name. Upon meeting Jane her identity is a secret to him, although it is a woman he knows quite well. In battling with her, Odin realizes that Jane is more worthy than he could be and that Mjolnir chose her for a reason.


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Even in the battles Jane has a different control of Mjolnir than even Odin ever did.  Jane has to fight off the King of Ascgard, who wants her killed all because he thinks she stole the hammer along with a bunch of other nasty things. I think the people who complain about Jane don’t really know the full story. Odin gave her the permission of being Thor. When she didn’t know what to call herself, Odin named her that. He told her that she was the new Thor now, and that she deserved the title.

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As a woman, I like that we get to see strong woman in the world of super hero males.  Although she plays a strong woman, she struggles a lot with her personal life. Jane Foster doesn’t but up with anyone though and she can completely hold her own. Despite any haters of her, Jane Foster truly is the new Mighty Thor and definitely worth checking out. I look forward to reading more of her and what she can do.


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