A year in the life…”Gilmore Girls”

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A year in the life of “Gilmore Girls” what can I say, it’s just a wonderful and witty as it used to be. It was a show I fell in love with years ago. So once I heard about the revival I was excitingly anticipating its arrival. When it premiered woke up super early coffee in hand (because as you know coffee and the Gilmore Girls goes hand in hand), and I stayed up super late the following night. The revival is broken into four parts; winter, spring, summer and fall. When finally clicking the start button on my Netflix, I became nervous and excited as to what was to come. It started with voice-overs of the past episodes that relived the whole series.

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It begins with winter; Star Hallows looks like we never left it, festive and full of snow. The girls are at their true nature, fast paste talking and their own secret language that only they understand. In between all the season’s we see the struggle the girls are going through. Mostly we see Rory lost, and wondering where her life is going after school and conquering what she set off to do. All the women seem to be going through change in their life. Despite all this there is still laughter and fun times. Luke and Lorelei are together (like they always should’ve been) and Rory with some random guy she can barely remember the name to. Yet, that’s not all who she’s been seeing. Back and forth to London, we see that she is “back” with Logan at least in a secret manner. Messing up not only her life with work, but also it looks like her love life. Logan was the one I never liked when she freed herself of him I thought it was the best decision. He wasn’t good for her life, her career or her future. To me this showed that there was a part of Rory that hadn’t grown up yet. Then there’s Emily, the loss of Richard is hard not only on the all the Gilmore girls, but the audience as well. Emily is struggling to find herself and just being Emily, and not Mrs. Richard Gilmore. This part of her story was rough and saddening to watch, but you see how much she grows as a person and it was great.

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We get to see all these wonderful characters show back up today, like Sookie, Paris, Zack, Lane, Jessie, Dean, Michelle, and so many more.  It was great to see them all again, it was almost like the show was never gone. There were a lot beautiful moments in this show, and I was so close to not crying at all then fall came and it all came out. The writing to this show was extraordinary, but despite how much I loved this it did have some things I wish that weren’t in it as well. Then there were the whole four words that blew my mind. Still not even sure what I feel about it.

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First of Lorelei and Luke are together, so of course that’s the best part of the show. Despite the parts that made me cry these were some of the best moments in the show. In fall is when it all the crying came crashing down. Lorelei left to do “Walk,” like the book she wanted to go hiking out in the wilderness in order to go find herself. Things with Luke and her weren’t going the way she planned. They weren’t married yet, they were lying to each other and even her relationship with Rory was on the rocks. So she left, packed her big back and was already to go on the adventure to figuring out her life. Then right when she was about to go, she couldn’t find her permit, they wouldn’t allow her to go. So frustrated she went out for coffee and nothing was open but she found this beautiful view were all her clarity came to her. Lorelei called Emily and told her what her favorite memory of her father was, and reconciled any problems she had with her mother. This was the first of some crying, but it really stared when she got back home.

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Luke was standing there listening to her talk and before she could finish he started it. Luke talks about how they were meant to be, how hard it was when they weren’t together and seeing her with other people. That he would do anything to be with her, he’d change he do whatever she asked because he loved her and refused to have his life without her. It was a beautiful speech, one I’m not sure I could ever replicate. Lorelei looks at him, and tells him that she wasn’t ever trying to leave him, that she booked a date and made plans and that a wedding was going to happen and it was already taken care of. The wedding was beautiful; they sneaked off the night before the date and got married. It was perfect for them and way over do.

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Another great moment was with Dean, Rory runs into him at the market. He looks handsome as ever. Rory tells him she’s going to write a book (advice she took from Jess) and ask if it was ok if he was in it. She told him that she would was going to write that he was the best first boyfriend a girl could hope for, the he made her feel safe and comfortable and so many more amazing things. It was a perfect moment for them. Then last but not the very least, when Jess looks at her. Luke asks him if he’s over her, and Jessie’s response is were just friends, but as he’s leaving he looks at her, it’s the way Luke use to look at Lorelei, with love and longing. It build up hope that maybe one day, the relationship that should have always happen may just have its chance. To me Jess was always the best person for Lorelei.

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To me there were a few issues with the revival. First off there was so many scene’s that didn’t make sense or just far too long. The play was one of them. They showed far too much of it. I felt like the idea of it was made present enough in the beginning and at the last number that convinced Lorelei that things needed to change with her life. The rest of it was all extra time that could have been spent on the characters; that’s really what the audience wanted to see. There were also some slow scenes that seemed to drag on, that points just weren’t being made. Yes, Rory was struggling to come to terms of who she was, but I felt like it was just more than it should have been. Plus the story with her and Logan didn’t make sense, it didn’t make sense back in older episodes and didn’t now.

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Even as sweet as it was when Logan came to get here with the life and death brigade, I even felt she was too old for it. It was sweet gesture and the scene ended very well, but I also didn’t find it necessary. Other than that some of the chemistry didn’t seem all there with the characters, but after so many years that was to seem expected.


Overall this revival was beautiful and worth checking out even the second time around. Even though the ending was left with shock in awe, it took me time to accept it. They always had to come around full circle. Jess is Luke and Logan is Christopher. Rory’s life will be as her mother’s was. Besides with that last look Jess gives Rory in the end, you know that there will always be hope.Image result for pictures from gilmore girl revival rory and jess

Because it always had to end, just like it began. It will make you laugh and make you cry. I felt like I was back in high school and grown up all at the same time while watching this. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, I defiantly recommended that all of you grab your coffee and snacks and check it out. This is Kay G. thanks for reading.

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