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Hello everyone, it’s Kay G, today I’ll be discussing Bendis’s new story of Invincible Ironman. A new story, featuring a new character Ironheart who is young girl named Riri, walking in the footsteps of Ironman after his departure. This first issue shows how Riri grew up a genius and her struggles do deal with everyday life and be as normal as she can be.

Image result for invincible iron man #1 riri williams

What I loved most about this issue is that we watch Riri struggle trying to operate her first days as a superhero. It’s soothing we never get to see with most heroes. We hardly ever get to see behind the scenes on what it takes for them to get out there and be the hero, especially on their first run.

Image result for invincible iron man #1

I’ll admit I wasn’t so sure about the character, not because of the talk about her not being Ironman or replacing him and all the negative talk. I wasn’t sure of her because of what I thought of her personality when I first saw her. Riri seemed like a girl version of Tony Stark, she was arrogant and thought that she knew everything, but I was wrong. Riri seems to be a girl just wanting to make a difference; she’s just as scared as the res t of us.  Riri, unlike most heroes’ lack the resources she needs to be as efficient as she can be. She’s struggling to fit in her role, but that’s what makes her humble and sincere.  I don’t believe that she is meant to replace Ironman despite all the talk of it, actually if she’s replacing anyone it would be War Machine.

Regardless if she’s replacing anyone or simply an add on character, I absolutely loved this issue. It was a great first introduction to this new story by Bendis. He’s making me remember again why I loved his writing. So if you’re interested in starting a new story that’s hard to put down; this is it. I am very much looking forward the second issue. This story seems like it will have a lot of heart, which if you think about is very fitting to her character name. This is Kay G, thanks for reading and don’t forget to pick up a copy of Invincible Ironman.

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