Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #7

My god…a month? A whole month of not writing? I’m upset at myself for not providing you with any throwdowns–but adult life (and the LA Comic Con!) got in the way of writing.

Enough excuses. It’s a new month, and it’s time to get to it. First pick, DC’s Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #7.

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(You’d be surprised how long it took to wait for a properly-sized picture to be available for use.)


As I’ve stated before, I’ve been a fan of Robert Venditti since Valiant’s X-O Manowar revival. I know he has a knack for superhero sci-fi epics. I enjoyed his Rebirth run so far because of his strong characterizations (especially of Hal, Sinestro, and Guy Gardner), but I had more problems with this issue than I thought I would.

One character confused me throughout this starting arc: Lyssa Drak.

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She did debut as a Sinestro Corps member some years ago, but her allegiances have been dubious and in outright opposition to even Sinestro. Why is she back with the corps, let alone bumping uglies with Sinestro? Or rather, why is Sinestro porking her? Her entire being screams traitor, and I had difficulty wrapping my head around the logic behind Sinestro keep her around the team and in his bed. Perhaps I missed that from not having read the Sinestro series, or Venditti’s last run of Green Lantern.

Well, she is very alluring, I’d admit. Until you see her teeth.

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I did feel the “final” battle between Sinestro and Hal fell flat in a way. Issue #6 ended with Sinestro consuming the fear entity Parallax and leveling up even more using the Fear Engine. The effect? A power-up. Nothing more. No epic transformation in conjunction with the absorption of Parallax. Nothing out of the ordinary with charging his ring well over 2000%.

I was disappointed that nothing visually stimulating came from such a staggering power-up. Even worse is that the fact that Hal is becoming will itself wasn’t touched on as Hal easily defeated Sinestro. That alone sets up questions: how much will does Hal have, if such a thing can be quantified? Why was he, becoming will but not completely will, so easily able to destroy an entity-infused Sinestro, even with his Fear Engine power-up diminished?

The emotional entities are often depicted as the personifications of emotions. Did Sinestro limit his access to Parallax, or did his consumption of Parallax somehow have an adverse effect? These should have been alluded to in some form, because it makes one wonder just what that means for the other color corps. More importantly, what powers can one who is becoming emotion access, and are those powers specific to each emotion?

How does one become emotion?

Oomph. That sounds like rich stories for DC there. Here’s hoping these things get addressed in later arcs.

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The art does a great job of adding to the epic nature of this series. Rafa sandoval, Jordi Tarragona and Tomeu Morey mix their pencils, inks, and colors in fantastic fashion. It really feels like you’re reading a sci-fi hero book with its luminous detail, especially during Hal and Sinestro’s battle.

Image result for green lantern corps rebirth #7


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #7 gives a fair conclusion to the first arc. However several questions go unanswered in lieu of a battle that is visually great, if not somewhat neutered. Still, this creative team did a very good job in the first arc. I hope that the emotional spectrum’s seemingly evolving nature will be delved upon more, in light of Hal’s own evolution. And that Hal will finally meet with his corps again!



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