Savior…..(Does he truly exist?)

Hello everyone this is Kay G, and today we will be discussing a hidden gem I came upon called Savior; an Image comic by Todd Mcfarlane with art by Clayton Crain. Now for those of you follow my partner and I, know about Clayton Crain. Crain worked on Rai, and is one very amazing artist. He takes computer graphics to a whole another level, and his work just enhances the works of the writer.

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This story fascinated me in many different ways. It’s about a man who appears out of nowhere from the depths of the corn fields after a plane crash. Chaos is everywhere, people are dying and here’s this man coming out the fields. This mysterious man is carrying a child that should be dead but in his arms, she’s very much alive. Then this man vanishes, like if he was never there only to be seen later questioned by the police with no idea to who he is.

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John Doe

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Cassie Hale

There are also two other key characters that play a role in this comic along with the mystery man; Cassie Hale and Malcolm. Cassie Hale is a news reporter who witnesses the crash and the mystery man first hand. She somehow connects with this man on a very strange and intimate level. Yet not the level of romance, but in a deeper connection like his mind is able to connect with hers.



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Malcolm, who’s this young guy questioning his life after the crash finds himself questioning his faith. He starts asking the same questions as I did. Is there a god? Because if there was, would he allow all those people to die? Malcolm meets some activist that come into town, preaching that God hates them, and is punishing the wicked. That all those people died in that plane crash because they deserved it. This part of the story blew my mind. Even though I know this kind of activist exist in real life, the realization of what they could and would do was absolutely horrific. These people preached of God and punishment like a whole town could actually be suffering because some higher power hated themImage result for "savior" comic

Throughout the entire story, I found myself questioning who this man was and what he could do. Was he really a miracle? Can there be such a thing? Religious or not this comic leaves you wondering if there is a God or is there faith, but you are also left coming up with your own interpretations. This man was born with a gift, when he touched someone they could raise from the dead, they could be healed. This gift was treated like a curse something he had to hide, because what would happened to him if the world knew about him? The ending of this story is shocking and revolutionary, and the answer to the question about what happens when just ONE person finds out is surely answered.


I’m still in awe of this story. It was beautifully written and detailed. The artwork alone is masterful. To some readers comic books are just simple stories, a picture book with words. Well a lot of fans will tell you differently, but if you ever find yourself questioning if there is any depth into any of these stories….Savior will definitely change your mind.




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