Mutant Massacre

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Hello everyone this Kay G talking about a more serious comic, X-Men: Mutant Massacre. This is an older comic introducing me to new characters for the first time and some old favorites.  Its title says it all; the comic is an onslaught of murders and executions in the Mutant world. X-factor and X-men must face the Marauders, who are professional mutant assassins, with the job of whipping out the entire Morlock’s (Mutants who live underground) community.Image result for x men mutant massacre

One of the reasons why I love this comic was because of its essence, and its darkness. The most interesting of all about this story was how real it was related to the world that we are in now. I mean this story is about Mutants hunting down other Mutant because the Marauders think they are the superior of them or of the race. That’s the world we are facing now, in fact it’s always been our world just that it’s become more and more public as decades have gone on. Human beings fight and kill other human beings every single day, so they got this story right. We hunt our own, becomes others out there seem to think they are superior, that they are better. We do it based on class, lately it’s mostly about race.

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This story is all based on perception and seeing what you want to see. In this story there are the X-men, a group of mostly newbies with the head being Magneto, while Xavier is away. Storm and Wolverine also help lead the school. Then there’s X-factor which consists of the five original X-men, graduates now taking on a new name and a new mission. The five consist of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel and Iceman. Their mission; they pose as humans and to the public eye, who attack and bring down Mutants. Which in fact what they are really doing, is finding them and saving them, helping new Mutants with their powers. It’s all about making the public believe what they want them to believe. They use deception to trick the public, who are so against Mutants because they’re different. Even the public believes that the Avengers could be Mutants, because they have powers and are considered different. This is the reason why the Morlocks, other Mutants live underground they’re so afraid of what could happen to them on the surface. The story even shows some discrepancy between them and the X-men.

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This story is a definite must read. Although if you’re anything like me, you may find yourself a little lost on few of the events prior to this and some of the characters. But, also like me if you’re lucky like I am to have a partner to answer all 400 questions you have then you’re good to go (ha). Other than that, this story is very driven, very well written and has amazing character development.  There were even times that I cried; so many people lost their lives in this story. Like I said earlier, its absolute massacre just like the story is called. Mutant Massacre is a real life changing story, even if you aren’t a comic fan it’s a fantastic read and a real life eye opener. Hands down a great story, so pick up the trade and enjoy.


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