Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur getting into all kinds of trouble.

Hello everyone this is Kay G. today I will be discussing “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder. A fun, cute, uplifting, characters getting into a whole bunch of shenanigans kind of story.

This is absolute cute story; about a legendary character now Moon Girl, who used to be moon boy.  Moon boy is a character I’m not completely knowledgeable about, neither the new Moon Girl or Devil Dinosaur even though he’s been around awhile. Although we do see Moon boy and what happens to him, and how a big red Dinosaur ends up in the streets and in the hands of Moon Girl, also known as Lunella Lafayette. Lunella, is an inhuman preteen genius, well will be. Lunella is a genius, always experimenting trying to do what she can, but saving the world not necessarily on her agenda. She’s trying to save herself first.  Lunella was born with the capability of being inhuman; and with the terrigen bomb mist going around and changing those with the special DNA, she wants is to be left alone and human.  This means that Lunella has to find a way to stop it from getting to her, and with the special help of D.D and a device called Kree omni-wave projector she might have a fighting chance.

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Yet, like everything else in live, things do not go according to plan. Marvel takes an older story and turns into something new. It’s not meant to be serious or emotional or even ground breaking. This is not a story of how great the writing is or how wonderful the story was told. It’s a simple, cute, funny, and despite the big red Dinosaur a bit realistic. Moon girl, is just a girl who wants to be normal like any other child her age wants to be. Yes, she’s a genius so in that alone she’ll never really be classified as normal, but she really wants to try. Lunella was afraid that if she turned into an inhuman, she’ll change, she’ll no longer be human and she might lose who she is as a person. Now that alone to kid is very scary, especially when having to tackle some Neanderthals that want to take the omni-wave away from her.

Image result for moon girl and devil dinosaur

Image result for moon girl and devil dinosaur

In this story we see a very unlikely friendship take place, and this is what this story is ultimately about. It’s a bit cheesy to some, but it’s about understanding that you can make friendships in the most unlikely places and in the most unlikely ways.  This big monstrous looking Dinosaur becomes protective and caring. Like I said it’s a very cute story and art matches it too. The colors are bright and bold; the characters are developing and we are really seeing who they will become in later issues. It’s a story to pick up if you want a quick and fun read. A comic that will remind you of childhood, and maybe what it was like to be different, and maybe the friendships you had that helped you out. It’s a book of hope and understanding. Now my lovely readers if that isn’t enough to convince you to give this comic a try. Did I mention that there is a big red dinosaur?? Lol, so I suggest you pick up a copy and having a RAWRing good time reading it.


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  2. Nice review! My 5 year old daughter picked out issue #12 a couple months ago and we’ve read it several times. My kids and I love it!


    1. Thank you. I really did feel like it’s a good read especially for young girls. Plus Devil Dinosaur is just fun 🙂


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