Snotgirl #1

“The illusion is seamless!”

Hej, hej, people. This is D.C. back to make August an good time throw down on some comics. Today’s pick is Image Comics’ Snotgirl by Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung:

My first experience with Snotgirl #1 was via a preview. After reading the first two or three pages, I thought to myself, “What the hell is this?” I know this is about a fashion blogger who is very insecure because of her debilitating allergies, but is there something beyond that?

So I bought issue #1 to find out just what the hell this was.

Now, as for the plot? There is a lot given in issue #1. A lot of set up of the intriguingly green-haired Lottie Person and her world, and Bryan O’Malley does it well. I found myself quickly understanding this character and her insecurities that it’s obvious that she is more accustomed to her digital life than she is her personal life.

I’m not entirely certain what end goal Bryan O’Malley has in mind for Lottie Person. But O’Malley does a great job capturing a millennial. I’m a millennial, and this book is my worst nightmare given form. I don’t think I’ve ever read about a person like Lottie before: a blog-obsessed woman with (apparently) so little life experience, possibly the most insecure character I’d ever seen. Lottie hides her insecurities with vanity.

It was so grating to be introduced to Lottie’s obsessions and her overall mentality with daily life. She is everything that I feel that I am not. In spite of that–or because of that–I couldn’t put the book down. I had to learn more about Lottie Person.

O’Malley’s writing is just so silly, complete with the annoying text lingo and acronyms that saturate out world. This is the one time I can accept such lingo used in a comic book. Snotgirl isn’t Snotgirl without it.

The Art?

This is my first experience with artist Leslie Hung. She has a quirky style of art, but I can’t see Snotgirl being drawn in any other way. Hung’s art is smooth and rough when necessary, but never inconsistent. Her art is reminiscient of manga, which is something I’ve always liked (especially since my own art style is has elements of it). Hung’s art, above all else, captures the natures of the characters shown so far, and she captures facial expressions to give life to the cast. Lottie comes off as both savvy and insecure, and sometimes even silly and melodramatic. Misty…I didn’t know what to make of her based on appearances, but her piercing eyes unnerved me something fierce. Caroline, the mysterious woman who captivates, just radiates freedom and confidence, the antithesis of Lottie.

I love the coloring in Snotgirl, because it just emphasizes what I saw the lightheartedness of the story. However, the last page surprised me, so I’m not sure if this book is meant to be lighthearted. O’Malley’s twist at the end left me confused as to what’s to come.

In addition, the last page made me curious as to what the coloring in Lottie’s captions meant. Throughout issue #1 her caption thoughts are shaded a particular green–“snot” green. In Lottie’s last thoughts about Caroline, the hue changes to a lighter green. Was it supposed to denote agitation in Lottie’s mind? It certainly seemed so, given the situation. You’ll just have to read.


Snotgirl #1 starts off as a good introduction into the series’ protagonist. Bryan O’Malley is already off to a good start with Lottie Person’s character, and I look forward to what happens next. Leslie Hung’s art works well with the overall lightheartedness of this series. Even with Lottie’s overwhelming insecurities and silliness, I have to see what happens to her next issue. For now, Snotgirl gets my thumbs-up.



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