Batman/TMNT (crossover)

Hello everyone, this is Kay G. Today we will be talking about Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, by James Tynion IV and artist Freddie Williams II. IDW and DC got together to create a crossover with two stories that I love. I’ve been more daring lately in the stuff I’ve been reading, I try to stick outside of the basics, and I’m glad I chose this story. This story combines Batman’s world in Gotham with the Ninja Turtles being trapped inside.


The premise of the story is that the Turtles and their enemy Shredder have transported to an alternate universe by Krang (a character I’m not familiar with yet, but I know it’s a common enemy between the Turtles and Shredder), here they meet Batman and clash in his world while trying to find their way back home.


With Shredder and some of the Foot Ninjas trapped in Gotham, not only do the Turtles need to find a way home, but they need to defeat Shredder and a few more of Gotham’s enemies to do it. During battle, when they meet Batman, both fight each other as enemies but soon discover they are on the same side, of course with the help of Splinter.  Mikey is the first of the group to be enamored with Batman and all his fun toys and gadgets.  Ralph on the other hand finds Batman to be a distraction, and walks away but later returns when Batman tells him about his past and why he became Batman in the first place. It’s here where we find a common theme within the story, and that family is the most important and it’s the family that you create that you must protects. I believe that’s why Damian (Batman’s son and Robin) is in this story as well.


When the Turtles find that there’s a portal that will take them back to their world they go after only for Shredder to destroy it, because  he wanted to stay in this new world. With the portal destroyed and the source of power that forms their mutation is evaporating; staying in this new world they will turn back to what they were before their mutations.


Casey Jones makes an appearance in this story, tying to bring the Turtles back home, but they won’t leave without Shredder. They believe that he belongs in their world, because he’s their problem not Batman’s and certainly not Gotham’s. Casey gets stopped by villains though, who steal the substance that can take them back to their world and took it with them to Arkham. This is when the story gets really dicey. With Shredder working with Ra’s All Ghul (another character I don’t much about, other than he’s Damion’s grandfather and very powerful) they create an army.  Arkham’s prisoners have all been mutated to resemble the true creature within them.  Knowing that the Turtles must return home, before nothing comes of them they go back and risk their life for Batman. When the battle is all over, April O’Neil comes through a portal to take all her boys home. The Turtles round the defeated Shredder up along with the rest of the Foot Note and say their goodbyes but before Rachel leaves he leaves something very important to him with Batman, thanking him for everything that he has done. With that the Turtles retreat back to home and leave Gotham to Batman once again.

Arkham turning into Mutants

The story talks a lot about sacrifice and family as I stated before. The battle with Shredder and the Turtles going home was the anniversary of Batman’s parents’ death. A night Batman likes to keep to be by himself, but on this night he spends it with his son. I think this is why Batman and Ralph clash in the beginning of the story but are the two that understand each other the most. Raphael, takes care of his brothers, to him there are his responsibility. Ralph takes the lead of the older brother and won’t allow any harm to come to them or any of his family.

The crossover between these two worlds was interesting, because here we see Gotham and Mutants working together. We see the importance of family, and working together for a common cause, the common good for all. The only problem I had with the story was at the end of the battle, it felt slightly anticlimactic. Shredder gets defeated yet again, but with Ra’s Al Ghul being so powerful, he just rushes off at the end. Over all I really like the story. I picked up the first two issues and wasn’t too sure about them but realized I couldn’t judge just yet so I got the rest. The first two issues are a bit slow, but I’m glad I got the rest because the rest was surely worth it. This crossover has a little bit of everything, drama, comedy and action all packed into a short 6 issue story. So go to your local comic book store and pick up the issues and check them out or you guys can wait till August when the trade is out. Either way it’s a good read, and I even find that the art matches the story as well. I think the writer and the artist did a good mix of making both worlds fit together.

This is Kay G. thanks for reading and don’t forget to check the story, it’s a good one. e


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