4001 A.D.: Bloodshot

Good day to everyone. This is D.C. here for a quick throwdown. Let’s have a discussion on this little gem:

4001 A. D.: Bloodshot is a tie-in to Valiant Comics’ ongoing event, 4001 A. D., which is primarily covering the hero of that era, Rai. For those of you who haven’t read Rai, Kay recently wrote a review on the sheer awesomeness of the series and on the hero. I haven’t read the main event yet, but I decided to take a look at this tie-in by Jeff Lemire and Doug Braithwaite.

How’s that creative team?

4001 A. D.: Bloodshot really hits the ground running on the storytelling. Jeff Lemire does a phenomenal job on the monologue of this new Bloodshot, as well as its identity crisis. Why is Bloodshot feeling this way? What is its (his? their?) background? It all happens quickly, but in a very credible and understandable way. Lemire tackles the characterization of Bloodshot in poetic fashion.

Doug Braithwaite’s art is more than up to par on with the world of 4001. Adding in Brian Reber’s colors, Bloodshot’s emergence and the world around him comes out in a lush, yet dystopic and barren fashion. Quite fitting for the world that’s already been depicted in Rai, yet distinct to the art I’d expect out of Bloodshot.

The story?

Overall, Bloodshot’s story is short and very good.

After Bloodshot’s macabre emergence, he (or it? or they?) had a very single-minded goal, and that final mission is carried out very simply in this one-shot. Bloodshot had a payload that needed to be secured and delivered. But throughout that goal, Bloodshot dwells on its identity compared with that of the original Bloodshot and the history the two shared. That is the emphasis placed here.

Bloodshot’s introspection was humbling, and one we can all relate to. It was like reading a child’s maturation in quick succession.

Bloodshot’s success in his objective is bittersweet and very unlike the character’s mechanical nature, but in a good way. His actions were contradictory to his mindset, but that was obvious in its monologue, its identity crisis.


4001 A. D.: Bloodshot is a worthwhile read for any fan of Valiant Comics, and for those just looking for a jumping on point. The one-shot begins and ends on a very good note, thanks to Jeff Lemire’s potent take on this somewhat new character. The ending hammers the point that Bloodshot will and should be seen more in the world of 4001 A.D. How Bloodshot will carve a future for itself in this world will be exciting to see.

How Bloodshot will encounter Rai in this world, however…that is something to really look forward to.



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  1. […] I reviewed one of 4001 A.D.’s tie-ins before, but all of them–War Mother, Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, Shadowman, and the Rai origins–were great reads in all their own ways. War Mother, Bloodshot, and Shadowman in particular appear to give readers a hint of what’s to come for those who survive this event. And I can’t wait to see how these characters rise in Valiant’s future. […]


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