Rai….A new kind of hero

Hello everyone this is Kay G coming at you. Today’ discussion is about Rai, a Valiant comic by Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain. Valiant comics are somewhat new to me. Haven’t read many before this, but I do love what I have read so far.


The year is 4001; industrialization in Japan had begun to consume every inch of free space within the island nations borders. To feed the growing population, the country had to build upon its own infrastructure centuries before. Eventually, the nation detached from Earth entirely, and now orbits the planet.

The whole of Japan is governed by a mysterious artificial intelligence named Father, and divided into various sectors, and separated by status and social class. The classes relay advanced technology, including sophisticated human looking robots or as they’re called PT’s (Positronics). PT’s are granted to every citizen for their 16th birthday in order to keep their human company over the years, and to help stop violence and/or procreation. There are also extremist anti-technology sect called Raddies, who have vowed to overthrow Father and his symbol of his technological reign. Then standing on guard on top of Japan’s structure is Rai, the lead enforcer of Father’s justice.

Rai: Welcome To New Japan & Battle for New Japan

This story is about Rai and the evolutionary war that is about to begin with whole nation against Father, and Rai as its leader. The art in these comics are lush and vibrant in color; it captures technology at its finest. Now I’m not a huge sci-fi fan, but I absolutely love this story. It’s a rich and brilliant storyline that shows how manipulative power can really be. Rai, a cyborg and man who was created by this higher being, is finding out the truth of who he is and of Father’s true nature. Together with a band of individuals they take a stand, all working side by side, with one mission: to take down Father.

The story expands into greatness and adventure. It teaches about heart, courage, and self-value, and that no one should be treated any less for who they are. A band of outsiders taking a stand for what’s right and not what they are always told to do. This world was created to organize order and to suppress freedom; to never allow chaos. Rai learns who he is and what he’s capable of and with friends starts a war with Father.

I have read both Volumes 1 & 2 and now slowly waiting for the third in much anticipation. The war is started and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. Rai is hands down going to be one of my favorites in the comic world. To all my readers: whether or not you’ve heard of Valiant comics or not, check this one out it is well worth it. I really hope you check this post out too, because otherwise you’ll be missing one heck of a story. Thank  you all. This is Kay G. until next time.



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