May’s Recaps in the Comic World

My, what a busy month this has been for comic books.

Thank you all very much for keeping up with our reviews, synopses, and discussions on the various comic topics this month. We cover not only new comics, but also the not-so-new, for anyone who is looking for anything new to read, or something to discuss with us.

That’s not to say we will only cover comics. I’m waiting for Kay to throw down on her favorite television shows and films soon enough to you.

With that said, feel free to catch up on any of the topics you might have missed this month by clicking below:

Batman, Vol. 1 (New 52): The Court of Owls

Daredevil: Out, by Brian Michael Bendis

The Marvel Comics classic, Infinity Gauntlet

Daredevil #6, part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel initiative

The Korean manhwa, Seduction

New 52’s Justice League, Vol. 6: Injustice League

DC’s critically acclaimed event, The Death of Superman

Harbinger, by Valiant Comics

Uncanny Avengers #9 (All-New, All-Different Marvel)

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, and my critique on the controversy of Steve Rogers’ Hydra membership

May was exciting, but get ready for the comics, manga, manhwa, and other media we may cover in June.

Stay tuned!


–Kay & D.C.


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