The Death of Superman

Hey everybody this is Kay G. coming at you. Today I’ll be discussing “The Death of Superman.” This story is by far one of the best I’ve read by DC so far. The story is filled with action, loss, and so much emotion in every page, that you can’t put it down.

In “The Death of Superman”, Superman engages in battle with an unstoppable killing machine named Doomsday in the streets of Metropolis. The comic opens with a gloved fist punching a steel wall, accompanied by the caption that’s says “Doomsday is coming!” Following this the Justice League international(Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Maxima,Fire, Ice and Bloodwynd) responds to a call from a smashed big-rig outside of Ohio, and follows the trial of senseless destruction that leads them to a confrontation with the mysterious creature. This creature, Doomsday tears he team apart, starting by throwing a tree trunk through their aircraft. (The International League I’m not quite familiar with, but seem to be quite interesting. Maxima’s powers to me seem to be the most powerful.)

When Superman finally arrives, and the other members of the league follow the threat to a home of a single mother and her kids, where the battle with Doomsday destroys their home. All of the leagues powers by this time are exhausted out and it’s up to Superman to defeat Doomsday. Within their non-ending the city starts going in shambles.  Doomsday at point is driven below the ground, where he ruptures gas and electrical mains, leveling Newtown, a large section of Metropolis.

Superman and Doomsday strike swings at each other with all that they have. They use so much force that the shockwaves from their punches shatter windows. In front of the Daily Planet building, each fighter lands a massive blow upon his opponent. The two of them collapse and moments later, Superman succumbs to his battle wounds and inevitably dies, in Lois Lanes arms.

All the while this is happening in the story; press is surrounding Superman and Doomsday like vultures. Trying to get every detail, every shot, every blow captured for what will be the greatest and saddest story told in Metropolis. In the final moments of Superman’s death, fear is swept all through the town. Nobody expected Superman to fall.

This story is epic, a great storytelling to Superman’s final battle. A story I highly recommend to anyone interested in Superman or anyone who just wants a great read.  I know while reading this I had quite a few questions. Mostly about whom the International League was along with Supergirl and Lex Luther. (All answers that could be found by my human wiki, you all know him as D.C Jackson ha). Overall I liked the story; it had great writing and storytelling. Plus even if it was an older comic, the art was pretty well down too.

This is Kay G. over and out. Thanks for reading.


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