Justice League, Vol. 6: Injustice League

Hey, this is D.C. back to throw down on DC’s Justice League, Vol. 6.

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Justice League, Vol. 6: Injustice League isn’t a spectacular story. It’s a realignment of the Justice League after the events of Forever Evil, when Earth-3’s Crime Syndicate of America tried to take over Earth-0. After Lex Luthor’s efforts in liberating the world, he seeks to join the Justice League, which has lost some of the public’s faith.

It goes without saying that the heroes do not take his bid very well at all.

Beyond that, the League, with dissatisfaction building against it, bolsters its ranks with the addition of Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel, for those who dislike change), Captain Cold, and Jessica Cruz, who becomes the first Earth-0 Power Ring.

Highlights and Lowlights

I’ll be honest: I don’t like Lex Luthor. I’ve never liked the character. However, his focus is treated pretty well in this arc for the exact reasons I dislike him. Almost nothing has changed of him.  In spite of his latest heroic endeavor, Lex is still the same schemer (what on earth is his plan with Owlman?!), still the same selfish bully, and still the same old narcissistic bastard. The only difference is that the world views Luthor in a heroic light.

The New Justice League!

Jessica Cruz was also, in my eyes, a delight. It is interesting to see a different take on a Green Lantern analog whose ring, which houses a sinister figure, uses the user’s fear to control and empower them. And Jessica, a(n understandably) whiny agoraphobic, has ample fear to provide Volthoom.

Jessica’s introduction is relatively quick and sufficient, providing enough information that will lead the reader and the Justice League into the next story arc, “Darkseid War.” I look forward to seeing Jessica Cruz’s evolution in the DC Universe, and as one of the Justice League’s fledgling heroes.

I also enjoyed the New 52 iteration of Doom Patrol, even though there’s not too much new with them. The personalities of Robotman and Negative Man seem much more different than past iterations; more depressing. Elasti-Girl, in particular, has become so much more unnerving than any of her incarnations that I’d seen. I love creepy characters, so I’m fine with this revamp in Elasti-Girl’s characterization.

And then there’s Niles Caulder, the Chief, the “benefactor” of the Doom Patrol. He’s probably the one character I can think of that is an even more reprehensible bastard than Luthor. Caulder’s greed, lust for power, and pathological need to control and manipulate others is perhaps greater than Luthor’s.

The epitome of greed

Now for one minus against Vol. 6: Injustice League…Geoff Johns or his editors made a typo with Rita FARR’s name when she was introduced. I can understand typos–we all make them–but I don’t believe typos in names should be as acceptable, especially during an introduction:

Farr or Starr…she’s still creepy…

I was bothered that the Justice League did not try harder to take back Element Woman, who was one of their newest members before Forever Evil. She just got relegated to the Doom Patrol with not much of a fight on the League’s part. Was Emily Sung that insignificant? No follow up on that? What the heck?

(Given that there’s no word of Doom Patrol in DC Rebirth, it’s a shame that we may not see any follow up to this anytime soon.)

The best part of Injustice League, to me, was how PETTY Batman and Superman with Lex Luthor, especially during the Power Ring and Amazo Virus arc. They have their own VERY valid reasons for not liking or wanting Luthor on the team, but I couldn’t help but laugh at how incredibly smug both of these heroes were to him at any opportunity.

Speaking of Amazo…the Amazo Virus arc was extremely enjoyable. It had a tone of horror and suspense (favorite genres of mine), and how metahumans were truly powerless when a contagion of Luthor’s own design is released. I found this New 52 iteration of Amazo to be pretty damn interesting–even more interesting that the Amazo that already was seen in Forever Evil. Still, this Amazo is a creature of science linked to Professor Ivo, but with a more macabre streak. Amazo’s mimicry powers still exists, but with a refreshing update.

If anything was done right in DC’s New 52 line, Amazo would be one of them:

Even though Captain Cold was named as a new member of the Justice League, there isn’t much seen of him with the team outside of the Amazo arc. If he is supposed to be more than just Luthor’s bodyguard, I hope I see more of him once I read Darkseid War.


Justice League, Vol. 6: Injustice League has all kinds of characterizations and shakeups that drive its plot. We see oddly, yet understandably, petty reactions from Superman and Batman towards Lex Luthor’s efforts to force his way into the Justice League. Most of the characters get snippets of highlights throughout the arc, but I particularly liked Geoff John’s take on the new Power Ring and Amazo. The arc as whole was satisfying, and sets the tone going into Darkseid War with plenty clues and questions. This was enough for me to pick up the next volume.

Till next time: END THROWDOWN.


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