Civil War…”Whose side are you on?”

Hey everybody this is Kay G. coming at you.

So I finally got my hands on Civil War. It’s been on my list for a long time now and I finally read it. First of all it’s a much quicker read then I anticipated it to be, but then again there are many tie-ins to this story that I have not read yet.


Civil War by Mark Millar, by far exceeded my expectations. Civil War as we all know has been marketed like crazy because of the movie that is coming out, and any of you who are interested in reading it, it’s going to be well worth your time. Civil War tie-ins can also be found in and all over the bookstores right now. Because as always the marketing is so big for one of these movies, that you find it everywhere you turn. Now for those of you who may think, “oh I want to read this before the movie comes out” beware: This is not the movie. Civil war the comic and Civil war the movie will very much be separate. That all has to do with movie and character rights within production. Marvel as I’m sure most of you know is owned by Disney these are Avenger films that we’ve been seeing, and X-Men who are also Marvel, FOX  owns the right to those characters; hint can’t mix up the two. So that means that movie will not fall in line with the way the actual story plays out.

In Civil War, the U.S government passes a Superhero Registration Act that is designed to have the superheroes under official regulation, but not all agree to this law that’s about to be passed. The two against each other is none other than Captain America and Iron Man with poor Spider-Man caught right in the middle. Captain America believes in keeping his identity and others safe in what they do, secret identity and keeping their lives separated is very important to him. While on the other hand Iron Man, believes that the law should be passed and that they should be working with the government along with identities known and the public feeling more comfortable with who they are. The war becomes a conflict between freedom and security, the main theme of what Civil War is all about. Civil War is all about “whose side are you on?”

Civil War is good story that shows you what law and conflict can do, even to superhuman beings. This registration has two great iconic figures split right down the middle.  Iron Man (Tony Stark), pro-registration also had Mr. Fantastic and Hank Pym on his side arguing that changing the political map meant that resisting the law was pointless and it was reasonable for heroes to have proper training and oversight in what they were doing. Captain America (Steve Rogers), against the registration had Luke Cage and Falcon arguing that heroes required security in order to protect aspects of their lives outside of being a “hero”, such as their spouses and children.

Spider-man, who I said was caught in the middle made the decision to go along side Iron Man, a man he very much idealized. Peter Parker reveals his identity to the public but this decision soon falls out, when certain circumstances arise and a team member on Captain America’s side is killed. The death of this character brought the war to be more epic and more forceful then either of them could imagine. This moment brought together more heroes to Captain’s side and even Punisher joined his team.

Civil War is an iconic story, and I’m very interested on how they will take this story and represent it in the film. Characters will be different, some story lines I’m sure will be changed in order for it to fit the movie script. Overall, this is amazing read packed with emotion and action and real look into what order and chaos can do to these incredible super beings. I very much loved it, I know my partner D.C will recommend it as well (and yes he had read the tie-ins). This comic is gripping and there is never a dull moment in the reading, and is a great story that I’m looking forward to reading tie-ins to.

Also, if anyone is curious if I had to pick a side, I think it would be Captain America. I think his points are valid in wanting to protect their identity of who they are and protecting their families. Whose side are you on?

This is Kay G. over and out, thanks for reading and let me know who’s side you chose.


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