Battle of the Apocalypse…Judgment is coming.

Hello everyone this is Kay G. coming at you. I know it’s been awhile but I’m sure my partner D.C has been keeping you guys plenty entertained. With that said let’s begin.

Kingdom Come by D.C Comics is a riveting and yet gripping story of an apocalyptic world. It is where Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other super beings face a big battle among themselves.

“According to the word of  God, the meek would someday inherit the earth.”

The story starts off with Norman McCay, a priest who has visions of war and destruction between superheroes and mankind. Norman is then visited by Spectre who uses Norman as a host to follow in the wake of the Apocalypse that will eventually arise. Spectre only appears to us as a dark and cryptic guide to see what’s to come.

This concept is so fascinating because the entire time where getting told the story through their travels. Norman see’s all this to come and all he can do is watch it all unfold before him.

Superman who is aged and tired looking is then visited by Wonder Woman. She is trying to convince him to come back, to face the world again and stop hiding out in his solitude and grief where’s he’s been since his wife; Lois Lane’s murder.  After Wonder Woman’s depart we see Superman saving citizens in Metropolis. When Superman arrives back, this is where the war just begins.

During this time he is reunited with the Justice League and from there went to the press to tell citizens they will deal with the rouge superhumans. Although there were many who didn’t believe him, including Batman.

“They no longer fight for the right. They fight simply to fight, their only foes each other.”

At this time I feel an abandonment from Batman. Even a little betrayed. I didn’t understand why he was being this way. But at the same he made good points. Superman had abandoned everyone when they needed him the most. Batman stayed and fought and did what he could. When later he is seen working with Lex Luthor against Superman and his teammates I knew there had to be a reason.

Lex was creating his own army with Billy Batson as his lead. Lex is raising him, brainwashing him so that Billy cannot utter the word Shazam which would turn him into Captain Marvel. Lex wanted to use Billy to his disposal. Using Billy’s own fear against him. Then Batman stops him and attacks Lex and his team. Batman is trying to run after Billy and explain to him what Lex has done. Billy then runs into the glass containing the worms in which Lex used to brainwash him. Scared, Billy says Shazam and with a loud bang Captain Marvel is gone.

Meanwhile a prison that Superman has created and put in all who wouldn’t follow his lead our going crazy. People are starting to kill each other and seek havoc. Wonder Woman prepares for battle, for war but Superman doesn’t agree. He doesn’t believe in killing, it goes against his belief of protecting others. In this fleeting moment Wonder Woman kisses Superman and takes the reins to lead and goes off to battle.

When Superman pleads for Batman’s help to see his way he is informed of Captain Marvel’s return. Superman takes off before Captain Marvel does any damage with his brainwashed mind, but it’s too late. Lighting has already strike down allowing all those imprisoned to escape and begin to engage in battle. Armageddon has arrived and Superman and Captain Marvel are right in the middle.

Captain Marvel

During this battle the Secretary of defense took upon himself to end this war. He ordered a nuclear attack that was able to destroy all meta-human life except Superman’s. Superman is in a battle all on his own with Captain Marvel. Marvel has this sinister smile on his face the whole time. Mocking Superman in what’s he’s doing or trying to do.

“You can see that, can’t you? Every choice I’ve made so far has brought us here–has been wrong!”                                                                                               -Superman

Superman tried going into this war with his boy scout mentality, but with no avail. What it got him was this war. Superman was the start of it, and now Captain Marvel who’s out beating him is the only one that can end it. Superman finally gets of hold of Captain Marvel, explaining to him what’s going on and that he needs his help to fight, to stop the war. Turning back to Billy he listens, only Billy can make the decision for the world it was only fair, he’s lived in both worlds. With tears streaming down his face he understands and makes the decision he has to make. With one word spoken it is done; followed by thunder and an explosion. Judgement has been made. In anger, Superman attacks Metropolis until Norman the one who’s been guided through this whole situation steps out and talks to him. Convinces him that Superman needs to forgive himself for what happened and it is him who needs to stand up and make the world better again.

Kingdom Come has everything a great comic needs. It has a beautiful written story and amazing art. Alex Ross portrays every character in intricate detail. I found this story so compelling and so real. I love how they used the bible in reference to the events that were happening. It’s a story of power and wiliness, and growing into the new decade. Superman couldn’t do this, and that’s why so many were against him, he couldn’t follow with the times. Wonder Woman, took charge, wasn’t afraid of what needed to be done. Batman…well he’s Batman, he was sneaky and fought the world the only way he knew how to; by force. Overall I found this story heartbreaking and mind blowing and I recommend to all who want a great read.

This is Kay G. Over and out.


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