“Walking Dead”

Walking Dead Season 6

Hey everybody so this is Kay G. coming at you to share some of my thoughts for the day. So today I will be discussing an episode of the “Walking Dead”. While doing my laundry I got to play catch up with one of my favorite and most hottest series on television. Now those of you who read the comics know that creators of the show don’t follow it exactly and all together even change some things all around. Now its definitely on my list of what to read along with the pile of books and comics stacked next to me that’s taking over most of my floor. Today I’ll be talking about “The Next World” of the current episodes of the season.

“The Next World”

Now for starters on this episode…..let me just say “holy shit” not only did so much go down in the previous episode if any of you were like me you held your breath until Carl grabbed Rick’s hand. So it starts off with…well like a normal day…well as normal as you can when you have walkers outside your home. Everything seems fine there’s music playing, Michonne is sporting a robe and towel after a nice shower, Rick and Carl share a laugh…all seems good with the world. Daryl and Rick make a run, and in doing so find this massive truck worth of food, YES! their saved they no longer have to worry about starving….so it seemed. Here we meet Jesus…a well groomed man who tricks them, steals their keys and takes the truck for himself. And of course that doesn’t play well with Rick and Daryl. A character by the way in case you don’t know much about the comics..is actually in them.

After all these exchanges and punches and threats, the truck eventually runs into the lake and nobody gets the food. Now since this guy “saves” Daryl’s life, Rick decides to take him back to Alexandria after he’s been knocked out by the truck. Now obviously a lot more went down with this episode. We even saw Diane, which was so heartbreaking watching her son kill her. He’s been tracking her down feeling it was the right thing to do and Carl even led her to Michonne and him. I feel like overall this episode gave a sense of unity. That the community has now formed themselves with Ricks group as a family. A family that would battle and die together to protect one another. Gives us hope, that we’re going rebuild and make it.

But back to my holy shit moment from earlier…..Rick and Michonne! OMG!!

It was such a perfect moment they were talking about their day and Judith. He just hands her these mints to compromise the fact that he didn’t get her toothpaste and they have this moment and hold hands…and he just kisses her. Now I’ve had moments where I’ve jumped out of my seat excited but this was just such a beautiful moment, all I could think of was…yes of course..it makes perfect sense. It was something that has been there all along. These two people who already love each other, she loves his kids, they’ve been through hell and back with each other..why not be together? Has to be one of my favorite moments on T.V with this show…and believe there’s a lot I like about this show. Now again those of you who read the comics know this doesn’t happen. But for those can appreciate both…man this so awesome and I hope for the best. Now since Ricks relationships don’t always pan out too well hopefully this one can be an exception.


But of course like all beautiful moments on the “Walking Dead” because lets face its a show about death and a world facing it; the blissful moment gets ruined….by Jesus.


And that is were this one leaves off. Great isn’t? True walking dead fashion. But see characters are perfect together. Well that’s all I have for you guys tonight. Look forward to sharing more with you.

Over and out.

Kay G.




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