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newuniversal in a new universe?

Yo, this is D.C. Jackson, and for my first (shaky) blog entry, I think I’m going to throw down my thoughts on what should be a game changer in the All-New, All-Different Marvel universe.

That’s far too long of a title, so that will forever be known as ANAD.

For those who don’t know, the ANAD Marvel universe is just the latest move by Marvel Comics to change up its main universe (earth-616) after the winter crossover Secret Wars. For those of you who have NOT read Secret Wars (including myself–but that will change soon!), it is the climax to Johnathan Hickman’s two-year run on the Avengers and New Avengers titles that detailed the end of all universes and reality from the world-ending incursions.

Hickman’s most striking turn in his arc was, for me, the very beginning, when he declared that the Avengers need to get bigger. Look at this group:


This was, by far, my most favorite iteration of the Avengers. And with an Avengers line-up THAT powerful, you know Hickman’s arc will have had to have been monumental. For the record, I enjoyed Hickman’s arc, and I may write my review of that arc. But back to the point…

From what I’ve read, Secret Wars ends in the “recreation” of 616, with some inclusions from Marvel’s Ultimate Marvel line, including Miles Morales (Spider-Man), and the Maker (Reed Richards…wha!?).

Earlier today I thought, with this “new” 616, there should be some game changers, with new, viable threats. Why rehash old stories and concepts if Marvel seeks to create the world anew? Dr. Doom? Thanos? Galactus? Apocalypse?

Psh. I love my villains, but they’ve been around for far too long and have kept up the status quo for the most part.

But then it hit me:

What would be a real, serious threat to not only heroes, not just mutants, but ALL metahumans in 616? My answer was found in the universe of…newuniversal.


Enter: newuniversal


newuniversal: Great storyline!

A quick-ish recap for those who don’t know: “newuniversal” is a re-imagining of another well-known Marvel universe from the 1980’s, called “New Universe.” Notable characters that emerged from “New Universe” included Justice, Nightmask, and Star Brand. Elements of these concept were reintroduced in “newuniversal,” designated Earth-555 in the multiverse of Marvel, and were also incorportated into the 616 during Hickman’s Avengers run.

Nightmask (Adam) in Earth-616…max love.

Nightmask (Izanami Randall) in Earth-555. MAX love.

“newuniversal” had a very compelling threat to the metahumans that emerged from the White Event: one Philip L. Voight.

Voight: Possible Man-of-the-Year in Marvel?

Philip Voight was an agent of the U.S. government that took part in projects that murdered superhumans. Not captured. Not catalogued. MURDERED. Malicious intent, pre-planned, preemptive attacks on unsuspecting superhumans. No due process. Voight’s victims were none the wiser of Voight’s beloved Project: Spitfire. We will discuss “newuniversal” in depth at another time to see this man’s conviction.

Needless to say, Voight’s conviction to his cause is strong, and his methods were VERY effective.

So, I wonder: Why shouldn’t Marvel incorporate a man like Philip Voight into the 616 post-Secret Wars? It’d be a real game changer, something that will produce a new villain, and a true, efficient threat to the proliferation of superhumans on earth.

With extinction-level powers like Franklin Richards, the Hulk, Blue Marvel, the Sentry, and Hyperion running about with ostensibly (and explicitly) altruistic intentions, we should have an everyman who sees any and all metahumans as a threat. An everyman which personifies the ugliness of mankid, that nagging nature we have covet that which we don’t have, and to hate and cull that which we don’t understand. A man will go to extraordinary lengths to do what men like Henry Peter Gyrich, Steven Lang, and Graydon Creed couldn’t even succeed at.

A man who will go to any length to do what men like Hitler HAVE succeeded at.

Perhaps this man can find new weaknesses to such powerful metahumans in the world, and begin a crusade to wipe ALL post-humans from the world. Voight could continue Project: Spitfire, and he would have plenty of guinea pigs to test it on: mutants, the Avengers, Inhumans, Daredevil, Silk…the list goes on.

Forget the Superhuman Registration Act. Think the Superhuman Neutralization Act.

How would the heroes and villains see regular humans, who MAY support Project: Spitfire? How would they see the humans who suddenly want to take the world back from the gods who fly and battle above them?

How will they see a government–a world, in fact–that now believes posthumans don’t DESERVE due process before a sentence of death?

Would villains and heroes unite, as some have during the first Civil War? How will they face genocide that make the Mutant Massacre, all Sentinel storylines, and the Days of Future Past look like simple scuffles?

Consider that game-changer in the 616, Marvel.


–D. C.


Genesis…what’s that mean???

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